Entry 1 Part 1-Findings from the field

The first findings of the Anima being applied to humanity, outside of Animagi that is, was found in the buildings and structures ancient humanity left behind.

The first findings that humanity utilized the Anima and the Talismans changed much of our perspective in how involved and dedicated early humans were with it and the Animagi of that time. Early religious and defensible structures were found to have earth and water Talismans worked into their structures, helping to bind the materials and protect against fire. These Talismans could be activated by any Animagi of the time and is how they were first discovered, an accidental activation from a wide-spectrum talisman (this was so common since ancient humanity didn’t have Talisman Forges and Crucibles to tighten the Harmonics of the Talisman and so a ban on Animagi involvement in exploration and excavation became common practice).

Furthermore, findings of traps, especially around burial areas and ancient battlefields, with fire and air aligned Talismans became a problem for researchers. It was like ancient humanity fighting against the present, wanting to keep the secrects of their time.

As we delved deeper into our own history, it became clear that ancient humanity began to think of the Anima as an extension of themselves, not just an outside force to be dealt with. Could the dominance of the Animagi in this time be the reason for this or maybe its people working with and finding answers to the problems they faced?

Personal Notes-
This theory of ancient humanity binding itself closely to the Animagi of their time and utilizing the Anima to help reinforce their world begs the question, would we be better off without The Order, and letting the Animagi loose upon the world and force humanity to take the next step? Most of our findings have showed real advancement in times of strife and conflict after all.

–Drake Anderson–

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