Entry 1 Part 1-The Anima and Geology

We know that the Anima is tied to humanity’s history, however it is speculated that this power is much more entwined with not only our history, but the natural history of our planet and solar system. Looking at this hypothesis, I began at the beginning.

I started my research by reaching as far back as I could, thus the cooperation of the World Geologic Association was instrumental for the start of my research. Their deep core research and their Order representatives helped me compile information quickly. With access to not only deep core samples and a talisman forge, I found that these deep core samples yielded a curious level of Anima that wasn’t tied to any elemental force. This finding was shocking since the only finding that had unassigned Anima in it are the blossoms that form the talismans. However these Anima Blossoms are only found in areas that have an overabundance of Anima within them and cannot be traced as of yet.

Ultimately this finding hints to us that unassigned Anima is flowing throughout our planet, and could be utilized as an alternative power source. This could potentially move us from being reliant Talismans, oil and solar for our power. Despite this finding, there are those that are highly skeptical since it is currently unknown what the effect on the Anima would be if we started to siphon off this energy. Would we be damaging the Animus within Animagi? Would we be cutting off the power and hindering the formation of Talismans? Is the Anima itself a finite or is it self replacing?

Before any advancement can be made on this finding, these questions need to be researched thoroughly. I’ve presently provided a copy to the appropriate researchers within The Order and so I eagerly await their findings.

Personal Notes-
To me, the real interesting finding in this is the lack of Anima Blossoms in the core samples, yet the unassigned Anima was in such concentrated amounts. Gives me pause to think about being able to force assignment or even force an Awakening if we expose this ‘pure’ Anima onto other people. This could be a way to give everyone true equality. If there are no differences between the Animagi and everyone else then it could possibly ease the tensions between these parties. I would be very interested in seeing the effects of this, if we could harness this unassigned Anima.

–Rhiley Fennik–

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