Entry 1 Part 2-Talisman and Anima Integrating

Ancient tools and weapons are common finds in archeological surveys and digs, however, the finding of talismans bound into these weapons was a true surprise for us, and began to raise some controversial topics and ideas.

This was a major surprise for us, since it is widely believed that non-Animus users cannot tap into a Talisman’s power. That power can only be brought out by an Animagi and since the ancients couldn’t adjust the Talisman’s Harmonic’s, the effects differed wildly. But it’s clear that these tools and weapons house bound Talismans. This brings us several questions that our researchers are currently investigating:
1) Because of the wide-spectrum nature of these Talismans, did that give greater access to early humans and thus get even a little output from them?
2) Are we underestimating the amount of ancient Animagi? And if so, how does this change our understanding of the nature of ancient humanity?
3) Could this just be aesthetic? A belief that a weapon or tool would be better if it had a talisman bound into it? (this question is pertinent since several of these items were found in areas that belied the owners were higher status than others, but not ancient Animagi)
4) If these Talisman imbued tools were being used by non-Animagi and they were getting significant output from them, does this mean that modern day weapons/tools can achieve the same?

Personal thoughts-
The idea that we can reinforce our modern day weapons and tools with Talismans and have a similar output to those wielded by Animagi is a terrifying thought. The only people who’ve ever used the Anima as a force of willpower and dominance are the Animagi, they understand the cost and perils of using this power. The collateral of unleashing this idea and its subsequent research onto the general public unnerves me. Though I won’t do anything to stop it, if this helps us, as a species, take the next step forward.

–Drake Anderson–

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