Entry 1 Part 2- The Anima and Deep Sea Samples

We know that the Anima is tied to humanity’s history, however it is speculated that this power is much more entwined with not only our history, but the natural history of our planet and solar system. Looking at this hypothesis, I began at the beginning.

After I finished with the World Geologic Association, my attention turned toward the Global Oceanic Society. This research took me on one of the survey missions, mapping deep sea trenches and monitoring coring samples. The crew informed me that the deeper their silt/bed rock samples went, the less Anima blossoms were present and were replaced with small crystals of unassigned Anima that reminded them of the byproduct of the Forging process. Completely blank talismans that would crumble upon further observation.

This finding makes me think that the extreme pressures that are in the deep sea are replicated in the Forging process of these Talismans and thus give the unassigned Anima a form, though temporarily.

Interestingly enough, these crystals seemed to absorb the Anima from its surroundings before breaking down and dispersing. More research is needed on these crystalline structures, I am hesitant to call them Talismans, since they seem to only be made of unassigned Anima and have the opposite effect of Talismans, absorbing the surrounding Anima, not storing it/giving it an elemental assignment.

Personal Notes-
This research perplexes me and opens more questions than it could answer. Is there a possible use in these structures becoming stable and used to absorb the Anima from not only its surroundings, but of Animagi that are suppressing their powers? This seems like a possible outlet for further study and research. I personally don’t like where that this could go, but I am not about to hinder progress. The more we understand about our world the better.

–Rhiley Fennik–

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