Entry 1 Part 3-Findings from Space

We know that the Anima is tied to humanity’s history, however it is speculated that this power is much more entwined with not only our history, but the natural history of our planet and solar system. Looking at this hypothesis, I began the beginning.

The World Space and Exploration Assembly was less than willing to oblige my research and needed further prompting form The Order to allow me access to the single sample I was looking for and select personale for further questioning.

We started by observing the sample meteorite plucked from space. Like the core samples, the Anima found in it wasn’t assigned and though it didn’t react with wanting to absorb the Anima around it, it did influence the Anima around it, slightly pulling it toward the meteroite before repelling the elemental aspects around it. This finding greatly surprised us. Giving off soft light.

By utilizing the forge, we further found that it couldn’t be refined like the other samples and Talismans. We theorize that the vacuum of space affected the Anima within the sample to become stable enough to hold its form against the elemental bend of the planet. It is a semi-stable form, unable to take in outside Anima, but able to strip away the elemental aspects of not only Talismans but its immediate world around it. Very fascinating and deserves further research into forging Blank Talismans.

Personal Notes-
I believe that this is the bridge in creating true and stable Blank Talismans. I don’t think this will gain much traction though, since people who have power don’t like having that power threatened. This idea could jeprodize this research, so I wouldn’t be mad if the general public found out this theory, at least it would put more pressure on The Order to allow further research.

–Rhiley Fennik–

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