Entry 1-Part 4-Conclusion

We know that the Anima is tied to humanity’s history, however it is speculated that this power is much more entwined with not only our history, but the natural history of our planet and solar system. Looking at this hypoethesis, I began at the betinning.

The initial findings that I can provide today from this segment is the following:

1) The Anima is tied in to everything in our universe. It is an integral part of the planet and of life itself.
2) The Anima is affected in different ways depending on where it is being observed
3) There is future research to be had in developing a ‘blank’ Talisman that absorbs and stores the Anima vs giving off elemental infused Anima.
4) Research will be hampered unless full cooperation is achieved by every party, this includes The Order

Our findings from this first step in researching gave me belief that The Order needs to have a dedicated team in finding the full potential of unassigned Anima and its full application. Could it be the next step for us? Could it bridge an equality gap? These questions demonstrate that this research isn’t purely science related, but can reverberate throughout our world.

Personal Notes-
I don’t think The Order will take this seriously until someone finds a way to stablize a Blank Talisman. Once that happens then The Order will have to acknowledge these findings and take the next step. At least thats not up to me to spearhead.

–Rhiley Fennik–

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